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Revealing the Truth draws Beauty from Darkness

Many organisations have published charity calendars for all sorts of causes and whistleblowing is one of the most important causes of our time. Without it, many excesses and behaviours of governments around the world, like the NSA spy scandal, would never have been exposed.

Some would argue that national whistleblowing legislation is sufficient to root out those who act illegally within their respective jurisdictions, but cases throughout history have shown that real change only happens when information is shared with the public.

The earliest case of whistleblowing in the 20th century is probably that of Polish resistance figher Jan Karski, who in 1943 was able to share the true extent of the ongoing Holocaust with President Roosevelt by delivering eyewitness testimony from survivors.

Or consider the case of Daniel Ellsberg who published the Pentagon Papers in 1971 revealing that the US government had misled the American people on US military strategy regarding the Vietnam War.

These examples illustrate two things: That whistleblowers are in hindsight often heroic figures - we should therefore be careful not to label them as traitors when they cross our paths today - and that only full disclosure to the public ensures that the information which is leaked benefits everyone.

This is why Wikilicious remembers these whistleblowers and many more like them and celebrates the impact of the information they uncovered, and the light each of them has brought to what was hidden in darkness. Read more


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