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Revealing the Truth is Worth Pulling a few Strings

In April 2013, Dr. Roslyn Fuller had an idea. For years she had been working as a model while completing her PhD in International Law at Trinity College in Dublin.

Later, as a lecturer, she began researching the Wikileaks documents while working on an article on whistleblowers in the military. These confidential, often classified, documents from a variety of sources on international diplomacy as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, accessible through Wikileaks, provided a treasure-trove of information. While some of it was banal and most of it not surprising to a scholar in the field of international law, Wikileaks provided evidence of wrongdoing where others had only speculated.

Roslyn realised the impact whistleblowers could have not only on academia but, driven by people's awareness of the true events playing out behind closed doors, on the policy formation of entire countries. If it wasn't for organisations willing to publish the information of whistleblowers, defend them from retribution and support them financially, much of the information she now had access to would have remained hidden.

Thus Wikilicious was born. A poster calendar to support Whistleblowers, combining the most celebrated photos of her modelling career with some some of the most influential stories on whistleblowing in the 20th and 21st century.

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